About Hurricane Studio

We are a startup studio that loves building and scaling products!

We are a team that's been working together for years. Hurricane team started with our own project that became TruckTrack, a 500 Startups/Seedcamp company and with that experience we created a product factory to put new products to do market fast as possible.

Our goal is to make products by helping founders with the product and engineering side of the business. You deal with sales, marketing, support etc and leave product and engineering to us.

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Who do we work with


We're founders as well, we know the struggle. Our product team will execute your idea in record time!

Scale up

Scaling engineering is hard! Our product team has helped bunch of startup scale.

Own ideas

We love products and we love engineering. We also have live in house projects!

Our tech stack

What do we do

Web apps

Scalable modular web apps divided into reusable microservices. Using proven technologies like nodejs, python and java on the backend and up-to-date versions of frontend technologies of anuglar, react and vuejs.

Mobile apps

From quick prototypes with crossplatform web-based ionic and javascript based react native to full blown native mobile apps written in objc/swift for ios and java/kotlin for android.


Scaling is important, our infrastructure is rock-solid built on top of Docker and AWS ECS or Kubernetes. Fully monitored with based in class tools like datadog and easily extendable by any developer

Our Portfolio

Companies we built or scaled.


We started TruckTrack and it became first Serbian startup to be part of Seedcamp and 500 Startups!


We built the mobile apps for the awesome GPS enabled action camera that was acquired by TomTom!

Voyage Control

We refactored monolith MVP into several dockerized microservices and scaled the platform to over 1,000,000 bookings!


Our in house restaurant recommendation social website

Tanjug mobile app

iOS app from the ground up for Serbian News Agency.


Collaborated on a massive EHR (health care) project, Florida based.